Gray Dog Tidal Race - Affected By The Moon, Here Appearing Dramtically Over Gulf of Corryvreckan Whirlpool

Gray Dog Tidal Race

The Gray Dog is a tidal race between the Islands of Lunga and Scarba. On a high spring tide this can be most impressive as the water floods and ebbs through the narrow gap over a six hour period.

This tidal effect produces a 'waterfall' which changes direction as the water brought in by the moon's influence pours back through on the ebb.

We visited Lunga by rib to see this from solid ground, this gives a different impression to that seen from a boat. To see images of both view the Gray Dogs gallery in the Slideshow section of this website.

Mike's website at also has a good close-up of it taken from his boat as he passed through.

Apart from millions [it felt like it!] of midges and a trek through a boggy wood it was well worth the visit as we caught it at the highest point of a particularly high tide. The roar of the water as it poured through churning, mixing and folding over on itself as it hit the two small islets in the middle of the gap was impressive.

As long as it's safe most of the boat operators will take you through, but it will depend on conditions on the day.

Grey Dog Tidal Race - Near Gulf of Corryvreckan Whirlpool in Scotland

This image was taken as we passed through on a quiet day.

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